What does CSIRT stand for?

CSIRT is the acronym for Computer Security Incident Response Team.

What does a CSIRT do?

A CSIRT provides services and/or support to a specific target community in order to prevent, manage and respond to information security incidents.

What are the functions of LACNIC CSIRT?

The basic functions of LACNIC CSIRT are security incident reporting, publishing statistics on the abuse of the resources managed by LACNIC, and issuing security alerts which, due to their critical nature, might have a major impact on the community.

What will the information obtained by LACNIC CSIRT be used for?

This information will be used to generate security alerts, promote the use of good practices in the region, and raise awareness about potential threats and solutions in case of a cyberattack. The information will be treated confidentially.

What benefits do LACNIC members derive from the CSIRT?

  • A place where they can report Internet security incidents
  • Requesting help on how to mitigate incidents caused by a cyberattack
  • An authorized point of contact with other international organizations
  • Statistics that will allow them to understand the most common security threats in the region and to take action accordingly

Why is it important to report the incidents to LACNIC CSIRT?

All citizens have a critical role to play in helping to identify security incidents. If incidents are not reported, it becomes very difficult to detect and control the basic causes that generated them. This, in turn, allows much more sophisticated cyberattacks to occur.

Achieving an open, stable and secure Internet requires that we all be aware and co-responsible in this task.  

What steps should I take to report an incident to LACNIC CSIRT?

You must complete the corresponding online form or contact us at csirt@lacnic.net

Will LACNIC CSIRT actively intervene in the operations of the organizations involved in a security incident?

LACNIC CSIRT will not actively intervene in the operations of the systems of its community, but will have a role in the coordination and brokering of the parties involved.