LACNIC Honeynet

LACNIC Honeynet is an initiative of LACNIC CSIRT through which we seek to gain first-hand knowledge of the most frequent types of security attacks in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To do so, we deploy a network of honeypots of average interactivity that allow us to view security incidents in real time and learn the modus operandi of the most common attacks in the region. The goal is to generate intelligence based on the data we collect, which can then be proactive used for the early detection and warning of these threats. This data will also contribute to LACNIC CSIRT’s public statistics, which show the different types of attacks involving resources in our region and their percentages.

This network is comprised of a series of sensors distributed throughout different organizations with which we seek to establish relationships of trust.


We currently have sensors hosted in different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. These are:

Characteristics of the Sensors

Sensors require minimum hardware and software for their operation. In both cases, we require a dedicated IP (when possible). One of the following options can be chosen:

Raspberry Pi 2 or higher

1 GB RAM memory


Raspbian Stretch Lite (6/27/2018)

Physical / Virtual Equipment

1 GB RAM memory


Ubuntu server 18.10

How to Join the Honeynet Project

You can be part of the LACNIC Honeynet project by installing a sensor on your organization’s network. If you are interested, please contact us at the following e-mail address: csirt [at]