Panamá 2018 FIRST Symposium

Panamá City, 1st and 2nd May, 2018

The FIRST Symposium will be co-located with LACNIC 29 and co-hosted by

Attendees are expected to be comprised of FIRST members, CSIRTs from the Latin American and Caribbean Region that are not members yet, plus network operators and security professionals from the LAC region.

Call for Speakers

We are seeking for colleagues interested in presenting during the FIRST Symposium (FS). Some suggested topics are as follows:

  • Case studies and lessons learned in incident handling
  • Attacks detection, mitigation and remediation
  • Network monitoring, situation awareness, etc., related with security topics
  • Attack trend updates(malware,bots,DDoS,etc.)
  • DNS, IPv6 and routing security and best practices
  • Digital forensics applied to incident handling
  • Malware analysis, anti-virus evasion, etc
  • Security and Internet of Things
  • Impact of data breaches, privacy and data protection regulation on incident handling
  • Incident response tools, trends and security technologies
  • Security awareness initiatives
  • Other topics relevant to incident handling

For your submission, please provide the following information to:

Deadline: 28th of February.

  • 1. Title
  • 2. Brief Summary (Abstract)
  • 3. Presenter’s Name, Affiliation and short Bio
  • 4. Estimated Time ( 30 min – 45 min )

LACNIC 29 event site:


Venue information and Registration link will be provided soon.